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HolyBible; Revised English Bible module

This is an add-on module for HolyBible and requires a BasePack to be installed first. The REB Module comprises:-

  • Revised English Bible text
  • Places Resource (maps & photographs)
  • Timeline Resource
  • Temple & Tabernacle Resource
  • Quizzes Resource
  • Temple furniture clip-art (pseudo 3D format) with !Expect utility
  • Educational Notes

The Revised English Bible is an anglicised (non-American!) text using a standard adult vocabulary range of around 4000 different words. It is a revision from the earlier NEB, and specifically avoids the use of terminology that is "theological" where ordinary English would suffice.

As such the REB is readily understandable by teenagers and new Christians who wish to read a non-childish text but who have no great understanding of Christianity or the Bible. It will find ready appeal for the teaching of Religious Education in secondary schools (ages 11 and upwards).

REB screenshot

For a more full explanation of the features of the HolyBible window, click here to see a larger screenshot of the display.

The REB is fully typeset and, within HolyBible, is rendered using the RISC OS outline fonts system. The verses are internally renumbered to UCN to permit it to correctly auto-track with other versions that use different verse numbering or order.

The REB module comes complete with extra resource material which can form the basis of further investigation in other reference works (see below).

The Revised English Bible is published under licence from Cambridge University Press; all rights acknowledged

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Places Resource

The Places Resource is tagged to the Bible text, and will automatically present the user with any relevant items which are available. These might be maps or photographs of locations mentioned in the Bible text.


The maps are high-resolution vector-format (Drawfile) and the location mentioned is highlighted when the map window is opened. Where appropriate an overlay is used to modify the map according to context. The maps may be exported and printed.

Photographs are in JPEG format, and have been edited to remove or obscure items of a modern nature. They are generally accompanied by a separate window giving a description, and sometimes Bible references or hotlinks to other resource items.

Timeline Resource

The timelines are also tied to the Biblical text and the person or historical event mentioned in the text will be highlighted when the window is opened. The main timeline covers the whole of Biblical history from 4000BC to the present day and may be exported out and printed. The timelines are in high-quality vector (Drawfile) format, and may be edited and recompiled as a HolyBible Resource using the Resource Builder utility.

This resource also contains background information giving the source references from which the charts were compiled, including Biblical references which define particular dates or time intervals.

A wider selection of specific maps and timelines in bit-map format are available in the Lion Reference Library module, available separately.

Temple & Tabernacle Resource

This is a presentation of background information, photographs of models, and pseudo-3D DrawFiles of the main centre of worship in the Jewish religion. It encompasses the Tabernacle, 1st (Solomon's) Temple, and Herod's Temple, which was standing in the time of Jesus' ministry on earth. The graphical Resource items appear when the relevant parts of the Biblical text is being read. They may be exported into Draw, where they will be automatically rendered at the correct scale. Full cut-away drawings of the Tabernacle and Solomon's Temple permit the items of furniture to be placed into the correct position by the user.

3D clipart items

A super-set of these same 3D items is also available as a graphics database for use within our !Expect utility. This enables items to be rotated into the desired orientation before exporting to Draw.

Schools will find this resource especially useful in the teaching of the practices of early Jewish worship. Teachers' notes are supplied.


Order as HolyBible; REB add-on module

Single-user licence: £ 45 + VAT
Site-licence; Schools and Colleges: £ 90 + VAT

The REB is also available in a StarterPack for use in schools.

Contact details for ExpLAN Computers Ltd can be found on the ExpLAN homepage.

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