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HolyBible; Resources

Resources encompass all materials supported by HolyBible apart from Bible versions and Notes-files. There are two main types:

  • Permanent resources: installed within HolyBible, these are materials which you may wish to refer to at any time. Examples include dictionaries, timelines and maps.
  • Temporary resources: stored elsewhere on the computer, these are loaded only as required. Typical types include book commentaries and topic-based materials. There are three sorts of presentation:
    • Auto-start: Double-click on the Icon to open the resource. If HolyBible is not already running it will be loaded first.
    • Drag & drop: The Resource material is stored in an ordinary RISCOS directory folder which is dragged to HolyBible on the icon bar or to an open Bible version window
    • File: A single text, DOS or HTML file which is dragged to HolyBible on the icon bar. This is only available from version 1.93 onwards. For further information see the Web-resource on-line tutorial page.

Many Resources are published by third parties, who construct these using the Resource Builder utility. Most of these are free of charge.

Resources currently available and known to ExpLAN include:



Lion Reference Library: formerly published by Lion themselves as the Lion PC Study Bible.

New Bible Commentary: IVP 21st Century Edition.

Matthew Henry Concise Commentary: XAUG

NRSV Study Notes: with NRSV module

Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary of 1871; a massive commentary of more than 1200 separate items and occupying more than 6mb (compressed) text; compiled by Brian Scott. This is a Careware product, requiring a £5 donation to charity. XAUG and also directly downloadable from Brian Scott's site together with the small Bible Aids resource described in the next section.

Revelation also currently included with UK Base Pack. Available separately from ExpLAN for £10 together with the Origins Resource (below).



Strongs lexicon: standard within UK Base Pack.

Easton's Bible Dictionary: 4000 entries, compiled by Brian Scott. XAUG

Johnson's Cyclopedia: compiled by Brian Scott. XAUG

Nave's Topical Bible: 5300 items. compiled by Brian Scott. This is a Careware product, requiring a £5 donation to charity. XAUG

Torrey's Topical Bible Textbook: 600 major topics. compiled by Brian Scott. This is a Careware product, requiring a £5 donation to charity. XAUG

Bible Aids: Tables of chronology, weights, measures and gospel content comparisons extracted from the People's New Testament by B.W. Johnson in 1891; compiled by Brian Scott. This is a Careware product, requiring a £5 donation to charity. XAUG and also attached to the web download of the Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary; see section above.

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Places: REB Resources module.

Lion Reference Library

Basic maps of Old and New Testament Palestine are also included in the UK Base Pack.

Sceneset CD of photographs & maps in bit-image format.


Timeline: REB Resources module.

Lion Reference Library.

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Youth & Children's material

Line Drawings: GNB Resources module.

Graphics: Christian clip-art CD.

REB Resources and quizzes for Secondary School age.

Storytime: Children's stories for ages 6 - 10 with black & white illustrations for colouring in: Scripture Union /XAUG


Pictures & photographic material

Sceneset 2000: A CD of photographs and maps of Biblical places in JPEG format, published by Bible Scene Multimedia at £15. Add to this a HolyBible Resource by email from Rev Andy McMullon to enable the Sceneset CD to operate alongside HolyBible.

Places: REB Resources module with maps & photos.

Lion Reference Library includes 100 low resolution photographs, suitable for on-screen display.


Bible Study

Romans: 28-day personal study by Pastor David Palmer. See UK Base Pack or download it for free (18k) by clicking here.

Origins of the Bible: By the archaeologist and anthropologist, Preb Dr. Victor Pearce. See UK Base Pack where it is included as standard. Available separately from ExpLAN for £10 together with the Revelation Resource (below).

Revelation: by Pastor Roy Clarke. Also currently included with UK Base Pack as standard. Available separately with the Origins Resource (above) for £10.

Our Daily Bread: Online daily Bible readings. Pages can be dragged direct to HolyBible 1.94 or later. To go to their website click here.

Note that HolyBible 1.93 and later permits you to extract Bible Study material directly from online websites and import it as a temporary resource. For further information see the Web-resource on-line tutorial page, and download the latest upgrade to HolyBible from the main HolyBible page.

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Patterns for Worship: Anglican liturgy. "Acorn" version from Church House Bookshop, London; 020 7898 1300 £15

Acorn Liturgy Suite: Lectionary & ASB services; £1.20 from XAUG. This Resource is currently being updated to include the new Common Worship material.

Living Word: Quarterly published by Redemptorist Publications from whom you obtain an RTF file and then email Rev Andy McMullon to request the Acorn Resource derivative, which will operate within HolyBible.

Saint's days etc: Daily background details with Bible references available from. James Kiefer's Christian Biographies. Pages can be dragged direct to HolyBible 1.94 or later.



Baptist Praise & Worship; indexed to Bible passages; from XAUG

Hymnbook: nearly 5000 hymns & choruses linked to Bible passages, including the full text of 2300, most of which are in-copyright and published under licence. You will require a CCL licence to install this product, which has the capability to produce your list of exported hymns for the annual return. You also need HolyBible 1.91 or later, available from our download section. Hymnbook cost £30 XAUG. Users wishing to add their own hymns & choruses will require Resource Builder 1.73 or later.

Preparing for Worship: over 3000 hymns linked to Bible passages. XAUG


Special topics

Tabernacle: multimedia resource. XAUG

Provides background historical information on the construction and use of the Tabernacle as used by the Israelites during the exodus from Egypt. It also contains notes on the prophetic relevance of the Tabernacle to the Christian church of this day. This Resource is also supplied free of charge on the ClipArt CD published by CCA, Slough.


Christian Acorn User Group

This is a self-help group of Christians using Acorn and other RISC OS computers, many of whom are users of HolyBible. XAUG runs a software library which includes some HolyBible Resources. These are available at minimal cost to include the price of media and postage.

Contact details for XAUG; email Rev Colin Randall or write:

c/o Holme Eden Vicarage,

Warwick Bridge



Contact details for ExpLAN Computers Ltd can be found on the ExpLAN homepage.

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