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HolyBible; Lion Electronic Reference Library

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This is an add-on module for HolyBible and requires a BasePack to be installed first. The Lion Library is an outstanding resource for personal study, background information and preparing group materials for school or church. The Lion Module features:-

  • Over 4500 resource items
  • 70 timeline, maps and diagrams
  • 100 photographs
  • over 12 thousand hotlinks between items
  • links to over 20-thousand Bible references
  • maps with auto-location of place-names

The commentary resources, maps, timelines and photos are automatically linked to the relevant Bible passages, and will change as you move through the text.

Text and graphics can be exported in RISC OS standard filetypes for printing or inclusion in your own work (licence permitting).

Lion resources

The Lion material can be used alongside any HolyBible version, and each Bible passage will automatically locate the relevant text and graphic items in the commentary. If the text contains a Bible cross reference, just click on it to read the passage referred to.
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The Lion Electronic Library is drawn from several publications, and includes the following sections which are hotlinked to each other:-

  • Guide: commentary on every passage of the Bible
  • Message: highlights the most common Bible passages and provides further insight; suitable as a basis for Group Discussion work
  • Dictionary: quick access to articles on people, places, teaching and church matters
  • Faith: background information on the Christian faith
  • Theology: overview of the main tenets of belief in God
  • Background: enyclopedia style information on the history, geography and politics of Bible times
  • About: overview of Bible style and translations

The module contains a short manual with guidelines on how to find particular types of information.

Maps and graphics are in bit-mapped format (sprites) and photographs in JPEG format. You will require access to ChangeFSI or a similar utility to display the photos in RISCOS 3.1 or 3.5.

Higher resolution vector maps and timelines are available in the REB module, available separately.


Order as HolyBible; Lion Library add-on module

Single-user licence: £ 45 + VAT
Site-licence; Schools and Colleges: £ 60 + VAT

The Lion Library module site-licence pack will operate alongside an Educational StarterPack for use in schools.

This is an add-on module for HolyBible and requires a BasePack or StarterPack to be installed first.

Contact details for ExpLAN Computers Ltd can be found on the ExpLAN homepage.

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