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Christian Clip-art CD

Published by Christian Computer Art, Slough

CD content collage

This clip-art CD contains over 1700 images, 600 of which are the complete set of the famous Annie Vallotton line drawings from the Good News Bible.

The GNB line drawings will operate alongside HolyBible. In this mode the graphics appear in the Resources Window at the appropriate places in the Biblical text. It is not necessary to have HolyBible in order to access these drawings from the CD, however.

The CD also contains a Thumbnail viewer allowing miniature versions of the images to be displayed and searched for, then dragged into your own documents.

CD content collage

Over half the images are available as high-quality vector-based Drawfiles, and a smaller quantity also in ArtWorks format. The remainder are delivered in Sprite format.

The CD operates only on RISCOS and related Acorn computers, and requires RISCOS 3.1 or later and a minimum 2Mb free memory.

The line drawings from the Good News Bible are reproduced with permission from the British and Foreign Bible Society, © American Bible Society, 1966,1971, 1976, 1992. The copyright on the electronic derivatives of these drawings produced on the CD resides with Rev. Ian Gooding, 1996.


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A site licence for educational use is available at no extra cost. Please ask for details.

Contact details for ExpLAN Computers Ltd can be found on the ExpLAN homepage.

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