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HolyBible UK BasePack

The main English-language pack for HolyBible. A BasePack or StarterPack has to be installed first before any other add-on modules. The UK BasePack comprises:-

  • HolyBible application software
  • King James Version of the Bible (1833 edition) incl footnotes
  • Strong's Hebrew/Greek lexicon
  • Basic multimedia resources (eg Old & New Testament maps)
  • Installer disc

From time to time other Resource material will be added to the Base Pack at no extra cost. Currently three FREE Resources are being offered:-

  • Origins; by Dr Victor Pearce. Shows the authenticity and provenance of the Biblical books.
  • Revelation; by Pastor Roy Clarke. Comprehensive study on the book of Revelation; exhaustively cross referenced.
  • Romans; by Pastor David Palmer. A 28-day personal Bible-study from Paul's Epistle to the Romans. See also Bible Study section on the Resources page.

Within the Base Pack the later 1833 edition of the KJV is chosen because it has been revised to remove inconsistencies in translation and grammatical style. This work was completed by Noah Webster (of Webster's dictionary fame). Thus the Hebrew word Manorah is always rendered correctly as Lampstand rather than occasionally as candlestick, as in the original AV. For those who prefer the original wording, complete with inconsistencies, we can supply the AV module of 1769.

You should expect to have greater success when searching the text using a translation which is consistent, and many users retain the use of the basic KJV on-screen for this reason even when parallel-tracking a more modern version.

King James Version screenshot

For a more full explanation of the features of the HolyBible window, click here to see a larger screenshot of the display.

Unlike many of our more modern Bible translations, the KJV is not fully typeset. However within HolyBible it, and indeed all other text, is rendered using the RISC OS outline fonts system. The actual font used, and other attributes such as its size colour and inter-line spacing can be altered to the user's choice. This configuration is automatically retained when exporting to a full DTP application such as Impression or OvationPro.

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Strong's lexicon

Strong's Hebrew & Greek lexicon is a standard reference work. Within the HolyBible Base Pack it is tied to the text of the KJV such that clicking on a word will open the appropriate reference window.

Strong's window screenshot

Whenever a word displayed in the Strongs lexicon window is derived from another, as in the illustration above (word reference 06509), HolyBible will permit you to reach the root word(s) by clicking on the reference number.

The King James Authorized Version is licensed for use via the Crown Patentees, The Syndicate of Cambridge University Press; all rights acknowledged


Order as HolyBible; UK Base Pack

Single-user licence: £ 70 + VAT
Site licence; incl Higher/Further Education: £199 + VAT
Site-licence; Schools and childrens’ work: £ 99 + VAT

Contact details for ExpLAN Computers Ltd can be found on the ExpLAN homepage.

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