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HolyBible; Hebrew Old Testament module

Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia;

This is an add-on module for HolyBible and requires a BasePack to be installed first.

This Hebrew module is a very high quality study tool for Bible scholars and church ministers. It includes both the Ketiv and Qere.

The Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia is the result of work derived from the Leningrad Codex between 1929-1937 by Kittel and Kahle for the Bible Society in Stuttgart. This built on the Masoretic texts from around 10th century AD which added vowel pointings to the basic consonantal scriptures.

Hebrew OT screen

This electronic edition uses a unique encoding to facilitate the accurate placing of the vowel pointings.

Special features include:

  • UC Numbering to correctly auto-track with Bible versions using different verse numbering or order
  • Search window employs a phonetically mapped keyboard driver to permit entry of words from a standard ASCII keyboard, being entered right to left. A full Hebrew keyboard driver is also available, which may be used outside of HolyBible to enter words into a word processor.
  • Wildcard system enables searching of consonantal text
  • Agglutination: words are morphologically separated to facilitate searching of component words.

The Hebrew Testament module is published under licence from Die Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Suttgart (German Bible Society); all rights acknowledged

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Order as HolyBible; Hebrew add-on module

Single-user licence: £ 25 + VAT
Site-licence; Schools and Colleges: £ 50 + VAT


There are two alternative outline fonts which may be used to display the BHS text. Both are reproduced below at the same point size, although the latter one "looks" larger to the human eye. You only require one font to display the Hebrew text within HolyBible, although you may wish to purchase the other for use in a word processor in order to differentiate between text imported from the Old Testament and that added by the author.

Hebrew Classic font - in the style of Frank Rhuel:


Royal Biblical Hebrew font (EFF):


Order as:-

Hebrew Classic£ 20 + VAT
Royal Biblical Hebrew£ 20 + VAT

Please enquire for fonts on site-licence terms.

Keyboard driver

A phonetic keyboard driver is also available to facilitate the entry of Hebrew text directly into a suitable word-processor, such as EasiWriter-Pro, published by Icon Technology.

It is not necessary to purchase this keyboard driver in order to use the Hebrew module within HolyBible since words can be entered into the search window using its inbuilt keyboard mapping system.

Order as Hebrew Keyboard driver: £ 25 + VAT

Contact details for ExpLAN Computers Ltd can be found on the ExpLAN homepage.

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