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HolyBible; New International Version module


This is an add-on module for HolyBible and requires a BasePack to be installed first.

The NIV module contains the Anglicised (non-American) text of the New International Version. It is a fully typeset text including the footnotes.

For a (33k) screenshot of the NIV text and full explanation of the features of the HolyBible window, click here.

The NIV is probably the most popular English Bible translation used in churches and for private study. It makes for easy reading, and is undemanding in its range of vocabulary and literary style. The text is a reasonably close translation of the original Hebrew & Greek, but without compromising its accessability in modern English.

The NIV HolyBible module is internally renumbered to the UCN scholarly standard, and will correctly auto-track with other versions being read in parallel.

Those using the NIV in its electronic format (within HolyBible) often run it alongside a more dogmatically consistent translation such the KJV in order to obtain a higher "hit rate" when searching. They then revert to the more familiar NIV for reading and exporting passages.

The New International (Anglicised) Version is published under licence from Hodder Headline; all rights acknowledged



Order as HolyBible; NIV add-on module

Single-user licence: £ 25 + VAT
Site-licence; Schools and Colleges: £ 50 + VAT

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