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Temporary Resource Files

From HolyBible version 1.94 onwards HolyBible allows users to drag HTML, and certain other, files directly into it. These will open up a single-page Temporary Resource.

Additionally it is possible to embed links to web-pages within Resource files and so link out of HolyBible and back to the web.

This webpage contains a working overview of these new features.

This is a HolyBible Resource page from our website. You can read it satisfactorily from within your browser. However, in order to use the Bible references on this page, you will need to save it to your hard-disc and then drag the HTML file onto the HolyBible icon on your IconBar. This will operate only for HolyBible 1.94 or later.

When loaded within HolyBible you will note that much of the information normally displayed in your browser is missing, eg font-sizes, the background colour, graphical images etc. In addition, incomplete links to other web-pages will not operate, including the ones at the foot of this page. However a complete URI will be passed to your browser. So to return to our main HolyBible webpage from within HolyBible you can simply click here.

Some other HTML tags are interpreted and are displayed as bold or italic text for example. Most tags which can't be displayed with HolyBible are removed from the display.

Bible references

Let's give you some Bible references to try out. Simply double-click on them, and HolyBible should jump to the appropriate passage as normal.

Note that if you are still reading this page from your web browser, then these Bible references won't operate dynamically. The main advantage of taking the HTML page into HolyBible is to enable you to jump straight to the passage when you click on them.

Hotlinks to Resources

Even though this page has come from the internet, it is still permissable for it to contain Hotlinks to items contained in other HolyBible Resources.

For example you can open up the \hBase resources.NT Map\h by clicking on the underlined text. Of course this too would be to no avail if the text was still being viewed from within your web-browser.

Links to websites

Any HolyBible Resource file can now contain URI's to take you to a website. HolyBible will pass the URI to your browser to handle.

As an example you can access this resource (!HBlinks, 8Kbytes) which you must save to your hard-disc and then unpack using SparkPlug or a similar de-archiver.

HBlinks is a temporary Resource which contains instructions and information on web-pages which may be of interest to HolyBible users. There's even a special link to a hidden page on our own site containing a short Bible Study!


You can only reach this hidden page if you know the URL, which is embedded within the HBlinks Resource, so give it a go!

The next two links are incomplete URI definitions, and are intended to work only if you are reading this page within your web-browser whilst still online, and wish to return to the rest of our site.

We know they won't work within HolyBible. Please don't bug-report them to us!

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Last modified: 13-oct-2000