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A 3D graphics system to accompany !Draw

Expect utilises pseudo-3D drawfile images, permitting items to be "rotated" into the desired orientation before exporting them into a picture being constructed in Draw itself.

The required graphics library is loaded into Expect from where any sub-categories and items can be selected using the info-bar at the foot of the window:

Expect Screenshot

Expect runs only on Acorn and other RISC OS computers with a minimum 2Mb RAM.

Expect is free of charge (Freeware), and may be distributed for non-commercial use without further licence. You can downloaded it as a Zip file (55k) by clicking here. You will require SparkPlug, SparkFS, Attacher or similar utility to unpack this file.

Graphics libraries

There are various 3D graphics libraries available for use with Expect, including:

  • SpxSchool: a free set of items at a scale of 1:50 which were originally designed in order to visualise the layout of computer benching when constructing a classroom layout. You can download this (112k Zip archive) by clicking here.
  • Places of Worship: a professional graphics library for use in schools' Religious Education curriculum. For further information, click here.
  • Temple & Tabernacle: a educational resource published as part of the REB module for ExpLAN's HolyBible application. For further information on this graphics library, click here.

Expect also accepts graphical libraries originally issued by ExpLAN with its !Spex application in 1993

Contact details for ExpLAN Computers Ltd can be found on the ExpLAN homepage.

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