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Transportable Computer

Solo picture

Solo prototype Mk II:

with integral 14.1" TFT LCD screen at XGA resolution (1024x768) and touch-panel. For touch-screen use three 'mouse' buttons are set into the front bezel lower left.
The optional miniature keyboard shown has 83 keys, measures 280x130mm and is suitable for transportation in a standard-sized briefcase.
The Solo is shown here mounted on a VESA adjustable arm together with a 10w solar panel and backup battery.

Project Objectives:

  • To provide a computer technology appropriate for the majority of needs within the 3rd World, using renewable energy resources and promoting sustainable development ideals.
  • To encourage trade and growth of the indigenous economy, including the production and possible export of the Solo computers themselves.
  • To aid communications, and stimulate transfer of information across the digital divide.
  • To foster educational links with schools in Western Countries for the mutual benefit of both parties
  • To provide access to medical data for clinics in remote areas, including Aids awareness, and access to remote diagnosis using email and digital photography

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The Solo is an ultra-low power, transportable computer designed to operate from a number of different power sources including solar panels and lead-acid vehicle batteries. Its ultra-low-power design enables it to be used indefinitely away from sources of mains electricity.

Solo is a transportable rather than a portable computer. The entire device can be solid state, having no disc drives or moving parts. The base operating system is in ROM, applications in Flash RAM and the usual RAM for workspace. For certain software requiring ongoing disc-access, a 1-inch microdrive replaces the internal Compact Flash. It uses a TFT Liquid Crystal Display, which may optionally be touch sensitive, removing the need for a separate keyboard and mouse. It may be supplied in a variety of configurations and screen sizes depending on the location of the manufacturer and their intended market.

The Solo is designed to be assembled and supported by manufacturing companies based within Third World countries thereby offering employment within a high-technology industry without moving to an advanced westernised city.

ExpLAN Computers Ltd is the coordinator of this project and is working with potential manufacturers, investors and government representatives who will license the rights to produce this innovative computer in their own country.

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