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 ex VATincl VAT
A7000+ Odyssey computer, 16Mb RAM, 4Gb Hard-Disc, CD, RISCOS 4from 549616.87
RiscStations: R7500-Lite, 16Mb RAM, 4Gb HD, CD, Ethernet 10bT499586.32
  if required with 14" monitor (1024x768 max),add 8094.00
  if required with 17" monitor (1280x1024),add 129151.57
Acorn StrongARM RiscPC (233MHz), 8Mb RAM, 2Gb HD749880.08
Acorn StrongARM RiscPC (233MHz), 16Mb, 2Mb VRAM, 4Gb HD, CD8791032.82
CD drive including Photo-View software, 40x speed or greaterfrom 3541.12
RISC OS 4 upgrade kit (for RiscPC & A7000)99116.32
Hard drive, RISC OS 4 formatted and pre-installed, 6Gb, incl installation instructions; the safe way to upgrade to RISC OS 4 without data-loss!7486.95

RiscStation Lite

Other hardware products:-
Internet modem (56k) with full internet software suite for RISCOS115135.12
Internet modem (56k), external, lead and PSU5969.32
Ethernet hub, 8-port 10baseT & 1 port 10base2, PSU; high-reliability unit49.9558.69
Ethernet podule/NIC for RiscPC, 10baseT or 10base2, Flash-ROM95111.62
Ethernet leads; 10baseT, CAT-5£3 + £1 per m
15" multiscan colour monitor (1152x848)from 99116.32
17" colour monitor, med-res 0.28mm, 95KHz (1280x1024), 3-year warranty159186.82
15" LCD monitor, XGA, 1024x768, 0.297mm, 60KHz199233.82
17" LCD monitors, SXGA, 1280x1024, 0.264mm,from 309363.07
8Mb memory for RiscPC/A7000+/laser printers (fitted)21.5025.26
16Mb memory for RiscPC/A7000+/laser printers (fitted)32.5038.18
4Mb DIMM memory for laser printers (fitted)21.5025.26
Parallel printer lead; 1.8mtr5.005.87
Parallel printer lead; 3mtr12.0014.10
Parallel printer lead; 5mtr15.0017.62

Information on printers is listed separately.


Contact details for ExpLAN Computers Ltd can be found on the ExpLAN homepage.

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