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Kyocera have a system for refurbishing their laser printers within the UK. Units can arrive within this loop for three main reasons:

  1. A-grade unit sent out to end-user, and then reported faulty after a relatively short time. This counts as "dead on arrival". However a large proportion of these are actually operator error, such as toner cartridge not correctly seated, which results in pale, washed-out printing on one side of the page. These units have typically done 150 pages or so before being exchanged.
  2. Ex demonstration stock from Kyocera. Higher page counts (typically a few hundred pages), but it still gets the full re-test before being pronounced suitable for a B-grade device.
  3. Packaging damaged in transit, perhaps being pranged by a fork-lift or dropped. The only way to ensure that the printer's OK is to unbox it and test it. This then can't be sold as an A-grade any more. These units have typically done about 50 pages during test.

A B-grade printer is not likely to prove any less reliable/long-lived than an A-grade device. In fact it's probably a better buy because it's been through the final test procedure twice! It still comes with a RTB (Return to Base) warranty, but for only 12 months, not the usual 2 years. The A-grade units also allow you to purchase an extra 3 year Swap-out warranty if you wish, which is not available on B-grade models.

Which you choose probably depends on a balance between the size of your purse and how critical it is for you to have a long-term comprehensive warranty, for you may have to pay extra.

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